What To See And Do In Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

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Mostar is a lovely little town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, nestled on the banks of the Neretva river. Its cultural and historical importance, as well as the mixture of ruins, medieval façades and the contemporary buildings that pop up here and there, are the main factors that draw tourists from everywhere.

If you ever happen to plan a trip to Mostar, don’t forget to include these places and activities on your bucket list.

Visit the Herceg Stjepan Kosača lodge

Art lovers of all ages will appreciate the lodge’s extensive program. Its concerts, poetry readings, puppet theater performances, wedding ceremonies, art exhibitions and various other seminars will help you pass the time. Built in 1959, it’s a great spot to put on your to-visit list, even if it’s just to marvel at the architectural splendor.

Climb the infamous Sniper Tower

Once a fully functioning bank, this battered old building became a top choice for snipers during the war in the 1990s. After the war was over and Bosnians became independent the government decided to seal it not only due to its sinister history, but also for safety measures. However, that didn’t stop locals and tourists from finding their way into the towering building. Nowadays the abandoned, haunting façade is an unofficial street art gallery and a lookout point for those brave enough to climb on its roof for a splendid 360-view of Mostar and its surroundings.

Get lost in the Old Town

Narrow, crooked cobblestone streets await at every twist and turn of Mostar’s Old Town. They hide ancient aristocratic residences, craftsmen workshops, souvenir stores… Browse through the colorful merchant stands, chat with the locals, get lost in the maze of tiny streets, check out the outdated architectural style or just people watch – wandering around Mostar is anything but boring.

High-five the Bruce Lee statue

Many tourists don’t know this, but there’s a full size statue of Bruce Lee in the town’s Zrinjevac park. The life sized monument was erected in 2005, just in time for Lee’s 65th birthday, as a symbol of solidarity and equality in a country divided by various ethnic groups. You can high-five it or even go crazy by striking in all sorts of martial arts-inspired poses. After all, how often do you get to engage in a match, albeit a fake one, with Bruce Lee?

Snap a picture of Stari Most

The most prominent landmark and the most popular reason for tourists to visit Mostar is the Stari Most (meaning “old bridge”). With a length of 28 meters spanning over the Neretva river, it’s often overcrowded with tourists and the occasional daredevils who jump from the railing into the icy waters. The bridge withstood the tests of time for over 400 years before it was destroyed in the 1990s. Fortunately, the local government reconstructed it back to its glorious 20 meter height back in 2004.

Get your breath taken away by the Kravica waterfalls

The Kravica waterfalls are located only 40 kilometers out of Mostar and the journey is absolutely worth it! The area will leave you breathless with its bright waters, which fall from 25 meters, lush greenery, wild forests and cute picnic area. Often nicknamed “the Bosnian Niagara”, the waterfall is best enjoyed during spring when its waters are at their fullest.

Don’t forget to taste local meals

No trip to Mostar is complete without tasting the local dishes. Bosnian cuisine is famous for its diversity and multi-cultural influence. Meat-based main dishes, such as ćevapi, Bosanski lonac, Begova corba and sač meals are some of the most popular and widely available options. Don’t forget to try the Sarajevski somun and other pita breads before finishing off with a Tufahije – a walnut stuffed, stewed apple dessert Bosnians are famous for.

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