What Would It Look Like If Slavic and Baltic Countries Formed A Eastern European Union Together?

We’ve covered many differences between Slavs before. It’s the  time we talk about what would happen if all Slav countries united.We have to make it clear that the chances of such thing occurring are super low due to many differences between Slavs depending on their nationality, but still it would be fun to see how powerful Slav Union would really be.

One of the biggest obstacles would be language and hate based on nationality and religion.Ever since the collapse of the whole communist ideology there have been more and more nationalistic parties that divided citizens of each country based on their religion or nation, which lead to many nationalistic wars after the actual WW2.

All Slav countries are either catholic or orthodox christian with exception of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is still mixed but mostly Muslim. Even though most Slav languages sound the same to a foreigner, you will be surprised that there are at least 53 different Slav languages.Some sound more similar to one another while others are so different that even native speakers will end up scratching their heads trying to find the closest bar.

One thing we MUST put our focus on is the ideology of each country when it comes to Unitarianism of Slavs. It is well known that some countries will deem themselves more important than the others for either a  justifiable reason or one that makes no sense, and therefore won’t be happy by having the same status as the country that is deemed inferior.

If we put those differences aside and focus on our main goal of the topic, we will see that such Union could work even in 2019. One of the easiest ways would be to copy European Union, but we all know that is not the way of Slavs. We could speculate about the possible ways of organizing such a union, but it would foolish to think that such resolution would fit in one blog post, so we will leave that for some other time.

Let’s talk about the raw power and size


Slav union would be consist of 13 countries covering approximately 12.6% of World’s land, making it the biggest union on the planet.

Right after the Slav union comes Canada with 6.7% and USA with 6.6%.With such vast  land surface would come huge natural riches of all Slav nations combined, making it World’s independent, self-sustaining superpower. It is important that Russia itself already is independent which is one of the reasons why we think Russia would take the leading role in such Union, we can only speculate.


We won’t tackle much into the whole war theme, we will just give rough estimates of Slav union’s raw military power in comparison to current World leaders, mostly USA which is current world leader in military power.

-Manpower: 136585000, which is fairly low compared to China’s 750000000

-Tanks: 21716, which is about 2.37 times more than China.

-Airplanes, we need to differ armored aircraft and regular special-purpose aircraft.

In armored airplanes Slav union would be on top with it’s 48039 aircraft compared to USA’s  41062.

But when we look at other airplanes and special-purpose ones USA’s number would be 2.7 times larger.

-Naval strength : China would still remain first place with it’s 714 ships, Slav union would be second with it’s 538 ships.

-Nuclear power: Russia would be the only country in Slav nation that owns Nuclear missiles, but still that would put Slav Union to the top

with it’s 7300 nuclear warheads, with USA falling second by only around 330 bombs.

Enough about military, our imaginary Slav union would have about 330 million citizens, which is about 4% of the World’s population.

Making it 4th in the World by number of people living inside it, this number should be expected to be much higher, because some countries

still have their data from before 2000’s.

Now, if we step out of the imaginary world of united Slavs, you will see that the possibility of that happening are so low that we can only

dream about it. Nevertheless, dreaming is all we can do, hopefully all Slavs will put their differences aside and start accepting each other as brothers and sisters, at least for the sake of World’s peace.

Always remember to share love and peace, and of course kompot.

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