What’s cooking In Bosnia and Herzegovina?!

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Good cook- bad cook. Matters to all or taste buds! Everyone eats. Everyone likes to have their food tasty and delicious. In Eastern Europe as in in the Balkans you can find a lot of good stuff. The most famous are cevapi, of course, and you probably heard of them. But, other than that, you can find a lot of deliciousness and deserts you have never seen before. Not to mention, a lot of drinks! A lot of food comes from Turkey, but with a spice of Balkans culture. I can almost guarantee that some of the Döners and fried chicken with a diversity of sauces will be the best thing you have ever tried. So, with no further a due, let’s jump right into one of the best kitchens you will ever enter. The star of the night are of course Cevapi. Regardless of the poor economic status of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as other Balkan countries, cevapi were and always will be one of the most delicious dishes you have ever tried, even if they are so cheap! You will never pay less and eat better. With its soaked lepina (the name of the bread in which it comes), you can’t stay insensible while eating it.

Cevapi comes in all shapes and sizes, from the “normal” ones, which is just meat formed in a special way, or the famous Tuzla’s cevapi, which are just the meat of the cevapi itself formed more like a burger-way. With or without onions, which often come with the cevapi, you just have to admit that this is one of the world’s best dishes.

After cevapi, you can either enjoy milk or coffee. When it comes to coffee. The coffee Balkan ladies make is made in a traditional way. There’s almost no better drink than that. This is the secret recipe on how to make authentic Bosnian coffee: First step: you put a spoon or two grounded coffee into the dzezva, a linen traditional dish specially made for making this kind of coffee. You let the grounded coffee roast for about 5 seconds on the stove. Later on, you pour boiling water on it and let the rest of the work handle itself. Within 4 minutes, you will enjoy your authentic Bosnian/Turkish coffee. Aaah.. Just like the grandma’ made it.

So, skipping the very traditional meals and drinks, let’s hop into the gastronomy and see what the Balkans has to offer. Modern dinner? Lunch? Brunch? Why not. Let’s have a brunch before lunch, we all know we will have the chicken, potatoes and rice. So brunch ‘em all with a nice Sogan Dolma! (There’s even a song where this dish is mentioned, you should listen to it). So, Sogan Dolma is a nice, good smelling dish with lots of onions, meat and love. First you prepare the onions and meat. Second step is to pill off the onions, so you can have a nice circle- formed platform for filling the rest of the meat. Then press the meat hard, like you would punch your ex, boil the onion- meaty circles in water, like you would boil your ex, and there you have it! Sogat Dolma! Is it just me, or is this brunch unusual? Why not. It’s Balkan. Who cares? After Brunch, there comes lunch.

As we, in the Balkans have the saying “Eat something that involves you taking a spoon to eat it”. Probably best to eat it with the golden spoons and forks the Balkan politicians promised us! Oh the pleasant days of the.. whatever, never happened; or that our Grandmas are actually super- smart creatures hidden in the Bermuda triangle of unemployment and corruption, finding the secret recipe to never have diarrhea, or even better – to have a nice body figure, even if you eat 5 times a day! So, to be short- just eat soup, but not any soup- the Begova chorba soup is a soup, which already has peace’s of lunch in it, as meat, bread, carrots..  so it has to be a lunch, ay?For dinner, whatsoever just be happy to have leftovers of a nice chicken in sauce and a glass of Herzegovina wine will be more than enough to get you slightly drunk and happy ever after.

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