When Household Carpets End Outside Of Apartments and Decorate Streets

Intriguing habits that no one really understands, until we explained it

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Russian people love carpets, Belarussian too, Ukrainian and Polish as well….ex-Yugoslav too…well in fact all Slavs loved Persian carpets during late 20th century. Especially in Soviet Union there was an obsession with carpets, practically every apartment had one, not always on the floor, often hanging on the wall as decoration as well. Thing is, during 80’s carpets were so common as a decoration in households that it was impossible to find one home without it.

So what happens to an old carpet when it is time for a new one? Well most of you would in a consumerist mindset think “well just trash the old one and get a new one”….BUT… back in those times people valued their belongings much more than they do today. So it was a waste to just throw such a beautiful artisan carpet, instead they would use it on the outside and get the new one for the house. Here are examples of use of carpets outside. h/t: Fishki

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