When it snows in Vladivostok it snows like hell

Vladivostok is a Russian city and the largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean. The city has 594,701 of inhabitants, (from 2002). The city‘s main port on the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy. City connects with Moscow Trans-Siberian railway, the longest railway world, 9289 km long (built in 1905). The thing that is special about Vladivostok is that it get’s so cold and snow-buried during winter it becomes funny. It’s a true surprise people and the town actually does function during such snow storms. Just take a look at the photos how Vladivostok looks during snow storm, we’ll keep you updated!

Welcome to Vladivostok, a city buried under snow with frozen sea encircling it and temperatures below -30 degrees.


Towns buried under few feet of snow, to most local citizens it was a sight they enjoyed but also it means a lot of trouble for them.


Cars in Vladivostok were literally lost under the snow, if you didn’t remember where you parked your car it could be a problem to find it again!


People were getting late to work on a massive scale, many didn’t even manage to come to their work at all due to chaos in town.


Roads were completely covered in snow as well, making it unsafe to drive.


But during the evening people started to have fun, taking funny pictures of them being deep in snow.


We hope everyone is safe as if one would pass-out in this snow we doubt anyone would find them until spring time.


However even considering all the chaos snow brought in, at least it will be a true white Christmas!


Do you still think traffic jam is the worst thing that can happen to you on your way to work? Yep, we thought so.

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