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When Lenin becomes Darth Vader in Ukraine

Lenin and ex-Soviet monuments are not popular these days in Ukraine due to another Slavic war between Ukraine and Russia. In other words things that used to connect two nations (Lenins fight for workers rights and fight against “feudal” system) now slowly start to disappear, however new things emerge from these transformations. Lot of USSR statues now, instead of being destroyed are rather getting a face-lift like in this case, they get new meaning and get to show figures of the capitalist west mythological movie series like mr. Darth Vader. We have no idea did Disney and LucasFilms cash a lot of money to the local administration to get these Vader statues before the movies this Christmas in their PR effort but hey we all love Vader so who cares.

If you want to see this statues it was originally erected in Pressmash factory on the outskirts of Odessa. As the city administration decided to remove the Lenin statue, local artists Alexander Milove decided to be creative and transformed the Lenins coat into cape of Darth Vader himself, oh and this Vader has Wi-Fi hub installed in his helmet so you can take selfies here and send them world wide free of charge, because “Come to the Dark Side, we have free Wi-Fi”!


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