When You Get Lost Under Great Lviv In Ukraine

When you come to Ukraine as a tourists you will in very little time understand that Ukraine is not a average tourist country. Yes Ukraine has it’s beaches, architecture, history and all however what really makes it very different from other European countries is hardcore adventurous tourism. On example you covered before their tourism through Chernobyl and Prypat, while this time we will show you what happens if you come to Western Ukraine. You will be offered to join a excursion to the underground of this city, sometimes it can cost around twenty-thirty hryvnias and people will lead you to see the real scary abandoned passages with the biggest underground river in Ukraine- the Poltva, then abandoned bunker formerly known as secret object “loschina” and  similar cool stuff that you can view in the photos below! More info: general-kosmosa [divider style=”normal” top=”20″ bottom=”20″]

How Lviv looked if you wondered:


How it is from below:

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Would you love to join some adrenalin and adventurous tour in Ukraine?

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