Where are Slavs on “Corruption Index” map of Europe?

Money makes the world go around, but corruption also

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Corruption index is one of the biggest downfalls of Eastern Europe, after the collapse of old socialist systems and micro-wars between the states the corruption has spread thought Eastern Europe as a plague. Today this is the reason why a lot of Eastern European youth is forced to move to other more situated countries in Western Europe in search of stability and jobs, while their home countries are slowly drowning into a economical abyss. However, some countries are actively fighting corruption and are making substantial progress in this field. The following map and statistic data is provided by transparency international, they show the world statistics on corruption index, but we are interested in the Slavic part here.

Top-scoring countries are colored in yellow (higher the points the better the country) but they are far outnumbered by orange and red countries where citizens face the tangible impact of corruption on a daily basis (lower points).

Who Is Least Corrupt Among Slavs :

Points meaning: 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean)

  • Rank 29 – Poland –  62 points (slightly corrupt)
  • Rank 31 – Slovenia – 61 points (slightly corrupt)
  • Rank 47 – Czech Republic – 55 points (slightly corrupt)
  • Rank 54 – Slovakia – 51 points (slightly corrupt)
  • Rank 55 – Croatia – 49 points (medium corrupt)
  • Rank 64 – Montenegro – 45 points (medium corrupt)
  • Rank 72 – Serbia – 42 points (medium corrupt)
  • Rank 75 – Bulgaria – 41 points (medium corrupt)
  • Rank 79 – Belarus – 40 points (medium corrupt)
  • Rank 83 – Bosnia and Herzegovina – 39 points (highly corrupt)
  • Rank 90 – The FYR of Macedonia – 37 points (highly corrupt)
  • Rank 131 – Russia – 29 points (highly corrupt)
  • Rank 131 – Ukraine – 29 points (highly corrupt)

Considering the fact this study was from 2016. we can hope that actual modern status of Corruption among Slavs is better today. If not our governments will have to make a better effort to battle this epidemic in Eastern European countries.

How do you explain higher amount of corruption between west and east Europe?

What do you think?

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