Where to go in Odessa, Ukraine

When traveling to any country, we mentally make a list of cities and places where we would like to visit. Ukraine in this regard is very different, I would divide it into 3 tourist poles: Kiev is the capital, where everything happens all at once and where most of the population are restless students, here the remnants of the country’s ancient history are mixed with the modern lifestyle. Lviv – city of art and creativity, unlike in Kiev, there is no hurry and worries . Also, to the south of this ancient and cultural city, there is another popular destination of both Ukrainian and foreign tourists – the Carpathians, the mountainous area of the country where your vacation will be absolutely opposite to the city – active sports, unity with nature, getting familiar with the authenticity of the region’s culture and unique a foods. And the third pole is Odessa. The largest port city of the country, which keeps the spirit of sophistication and excesses of the Russian Empire, fascinates with the sea landscapes, impresses with the gastronomic diversity, charisma of the locals and active nightlife. By far the most popular tourists’ destinations of this city are listed below

Opera House and surroundings


One of the business cards of the city is the opera house, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. As Leonid Utesov wrote: “Try to live in Odessa and not be a lover of opera. You can look at the Opera outside – and this is already a pleasure. As for the” inside “, there is so much beauty here that words cannot express.” You will not be able to walk past the Odessa Opera House, but you should also look in there – the theater is good and the opera itself. See one of the performances – must in Odessa.

Where: Tchaikovsky Lane, 1

Potemkin Stairs


Another unofficial symbol of Odessa, and a truly unique structure. Firstly, the stairs are the largest in Ukraine. Secondly, from above it seems absolutely straight. This effect was achieved with the help of a perspective building – the lower part of the stairs is seven meters wider than the top. Near the stairs are the Vorontsov Palace, the colonnade and the Teschin bridge, and in front of it is a monument to Duke Richelieu, one of the founders of Odessa. Stand on the second hatch of the monument, on his right hand, and enjoy the panorama of the harbor, seaport and the Gulf of Odessa.

Where: Sea Terminal area

Langeron and Arcadia


The most famous beaches of Odessa, where during the day you can walk along the picturesque embankment, relax on sun loungers and have picnics, and at night relax in one of the numerous restaurants and nightclubs. Even if it is still cold, to go to the sea, to walk along the shore and feed arrogant gulls with bread is a mandatory item. What is the most fun, the two most crowded places of the city are connected by the Health Track – a coastal asphalt road, on which traffic is prohibited. There are always a lot of runners, cyclists and rollers.

Where: Primorsky district.

Odessa courtyards


This authenticity is not looking on the main streets, but a little deeper and farther. Odessa courtyards are a separate world or even a galaxy. Here, meat and fish are fried, washed socks, play cards, and overhanging galleries, stairs and linen, stretched from one end to the other, create a unique flavor. It represents locals’ careless mentality and the most unique lifestyle you can possibly meet in Ukraine.  Therefore, many courtyards are called “drafts” and are usually denoted by different addresses, since the exits have different streets. They are also the most “Instagramable” places according to the tourists

Odessa catacombs


A network of underground tunnels and labyrinths near Odessa. Most of the catacombs are the former quarries from which the building stone was mined. Currently, the length of the Odessa catacombs is estimated at approximately 2.5 thousand km. They say that because of this, the city does not hold subway lines, many urban fables about the beyond are also connected with this place, therefore occult worshipers are gathering there. Attraction is not for everyone, but with an experienced instructor you will see the best parts of the catacombs and you will not find problems.

Night life


Odessa became the most popular Ukrainian resort city for a reason, because there is not only the sea and excellent beaches, but also entertainment for every taste. This city never sleeps – all year round every night, Odessa dances and has fun in numerous night clubs that offer rest for any budget and preferences. It has everything: beach clubs with incendiary night parties by the sea, clubs with pretentious VIP parties for the elite, strip bars with the most beautiful girls, an art cafe, karaoke, restaurants and bars that work around the clock and where you can not only tasty to eat and drink in a fun company, but also to dance or listen to concerts of rock, folk and jazz music. Here you can find anything of your preference and more.

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