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Why is American Bald Eagle spreading his mighty wings over St.Petersburg?

The main symbol of U.S.A. deep inside Russian historic city

St.Petersburg, Russia – It didn’t take too long until the news of it has spread over the internet, as many are not sure why now during this political crisis. These days few Russians noticed a strange thing, a massive American Bald Eagle being erected high on a building in their beloved city St.Petersburg and they immediately shared this story with others. It’s situated on the glass dome of the “Singer” house (Singer is a famous German company for sewing). On this dome the bald eagle has spread his wings over the St.Petersburg.

It’s not the first time this building was suspicious to Russians, because during WW1 the company “Singer” was accused of espionage (while in fact it was sewing clothing for the Russian army at the time).

Eagle first appeared back in beginning of 1900’s when US Consulate moved in to this building, but in 1920’s it mysteriously disappeared from the building. The sculpture was recreated from photographs and drawings of the early XX century. By who and why was it rebuilt remains a mystery to us!

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What do you think?

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