Why you must visit Croatia next summer

Okey there will be no need to talk to you about why you would visit Croatia when there are amazing photos that will naturally make you want to do it. It’s a land of countless islands, natural coast, great Slavic and Mediterranean cuisine. Drinking coffee or even beer on Croatian seaside is one of the most valuable moments you will enjoy in your life. Friendly people, lot’s of sun and fun, great food and warm water but then again look at us, we’re again writing instead of showing you these pictures we promised. Take a look!

You can Kayak Croatian sea, there no sharks here we promise


Drinking and eating on the Croatia coast – best things in life don’t have to be big


No this is not Jurasic Park it is Plitvice Lakes but you will feel like Indiana Jones for sure


You can take a boat to cruise around the Islands


You can dive through the most beautiful Croatian sea

Photo via:Marko Vrdoljak

You can get off the coastal part and go into the mainland of Croatia.

Photo via:Marko Vrdoljak

Enjoy life with your better part looking her on the Croatian beach.

Or you could take a plain ride and view how Croatian Islands look from the sky


Do we really need to add anything more?

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