Winds Causing Chaos in Croatian Dalmatia

Yesterday’s weather left heavy damage and injured a dozen people in Croatia. Wind called “Bura” by local population has overturned cars, trucks, containers, breaking branches of trees and electric poles.Wind caused traffic problems, and there was even a casualty as 18-year-old motorcyclist in town Velika Gorica lost his life due to strong wind changing his course while he was driving in high speed. This was a storm of historical magnitude that caused chaos on the Adriatic, and will be remembered by the local population for much more. In the western areas, and in the northern and central Adriatic weather was however mostly sunny.


Trees were creating traffic jams and destroying parked cars. Few casualties more have been reported with branches and other falling objects falling on people.

Local report stations have said that weather will stabilize and will be modest in next days.

Most cloudiness will lean over the eastern regions for next few days, where there is a chance of rain and snow and morning temperatures will range between 1 and 3 degrees and the afternoon around 7.

In Dalmatia time during the colder and cloudier, and equally windy and wavy so we might be looking at more images like these.

Photos via & Nel Pavletic/PIXSELL

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