World Of Snow Tanks Became New Russian Hobby

Objective: Fashioned out of snow most realistic sculpture in the form of any technique of World of Tanks. Take a picture of the result of the photo and place in a special competitive section of the forum. Important conditions of competition: Portrayed equipment (tanks, self-propelled guns, or PT-ACS) should be present in the game World of Tanks; Teamwork is allowed (no more than 5 tankers). From each participant (team members) is accepted only one job; The work must be created solely for this contest during the event. The minimum size of the sculpture: 2 meters on the large side;


Nickname can be written on a piece of paper close to work so that it can be read in the image. Necessarily need to provide additional photos of the process of creating your snow sculpture (under the spoiler). In the photos with the process of work there must also be present player name. Using graphic editors is not allowed!


Evaluation criteria: The complexity and quality of work (corresponding to your model to the original). Originality of ideas / work. The quality and composition of the photo. Compliance with the work rules of the contest. Story via game forum World of Tanks


It seems players did a great job!

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