Worldwide trend of Women dressing in Slavic folk motifs

Ever since Slavic fashion has been promoted in Polish hip-hop video “My Slavs” by Cleo, there has been a boom of such fashion. Also Marcela Chmielowska was elected as a representative of Poland during Miss Universe 2014. and by inspecting her and her creation closer, especially the national dress that was designed by the talented designer’s duo MMCstudio. Colourful designs with cut-outs of Lowicz and traditional headscarves of highland have been transferred to the material you can see below. All sweatshirt were sewn with traditional Slavic patterns, an interesting fashion trend loved by Polish stars and celebrities, but now also world-wide trend.

The last dress on the bottom (Red, Polish one) is made of silk is lined with foam, which beautifully highlights the figure of Marcel. The material was sewn by leather theme inspired by Slavic folk patterns. An important element of the dress is also a wreath of flowers resembling a crown.

Polish Slavic flower pattern dresses

Pracownia: Zdjęcia: Olek Bortel Photography

Traditional country-side embroidery as a skirt

Slavic Pysanka inspired fashionable dress

Kolekcja Gucci 2008, Pysanky (fot.

Valentino collection inspired by Slavic folk patterns

Valentino Spring/Summer 2015, fot.

Shirts decorated with folk patterns and symbols

179 zł –

Dress inspired by Slavic flags and folk patterns

fot. Bartek Szmigulski

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