Yakutsks Tunnel Museum Of Permafrost

Russian Yakutsk has become source of viral photos on the internet due to how winters are cold there. It’s a land where everything is frozen, and to tourists one of the most cool places to visit in Yakutsk, Russia, is a amazing museum of permafrost in the drilled tunnel back from 1989 for storage of foodstuffs. The tunnel wasn’t used for anything for a couple of years however one travel agency decided to buy it in 2008. and make a lucrative and cool business out of it. So today, welcome to the tunnel of Permafrost vault where the temperature of -10°c is maintained all the time. When you enter inside you will see walls and literally all object covered with frost, with ice spikes penetrating from the ground and where all bar chairs and tables are made of permafrost ice. Your kids will love it, because witty travel agency says Russia Santa lives here (Morozko/Mraz) so everything is decorated in a way a Santa would like it, Christmasy and below freezing point. For adults there are vodka shots served in glasses made of ice and you can see a museum inside where some diamonds are shown too. More info: Sergey

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