Young Russian student in grasp of Stepan the Bear created a memorable fairytale photoshoot

If you want an epic Photoshoot, you better get your own Bear like Galina did

Voronezh, Russia – Bear Stepan is probably one of the richest bears you have ever met (okey, read about). Lately thanks to viral nature of internet he is just getting more and more popular, and thanks to that this ‘little’ bear from Russia is getting more and more photo-model jobs each day. He has become such an alpha figure in photo-model world that girls are flocking to be his side-model in most of these appearances.

So you probably ask yourself how are all these girls not afraid to take photos beside this large bear? When people see these photos first thing they think it’s a Photoshop, because who would have enough courage to do this by a few hundred pound predator? We Russian magazine moe-online reported about new adventure of Stepa and shared a story about it.

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Well in this case it was 18 year old student girl Galina Topyrkinoy from Voronezh that had the courage to do so this time.

When they saw her, this little 18 year old fragile girl wanting to take photos with such a huge bear they couldn’t believe what they are seeing. But as you can see Bear Stepa is a business man so he would never hurt a human, it’s after all his core business these days.

Photo © Galina Topyrkinoy / source: moe-online

After the photo-shoot Galina shared her story about meeting Stepan and the process to get involved in such photo-shoot:

I came across a social networking offer a photo shoot with a bear. I just sent a request, it was accepted and filming took place in June in Moscow, where the bear lives. We drove to Moscow with other three girls, we hired the organizer, who took us to the photographer, costumes, make-up artist. ~

Photo © Galina Topyrkinoy / source: moe-online

Galina only had kind words for bear Stepan, as he is very friendly, affectionate and he actually lives with people at his home so he loves to be around people. For a bear he is also a teenager, just over 20 years of age and he lives with his ‘parents’ Svetlana and Yuri Panteleenko. Each of these girls has a 20 minute long photo-shoot with a bear and then it’s all over.

Photo © Galina Topyrkinoy / source: moe-online

Galina said she was afraid a bit, but with a professional team around her and bear Stepa’s parents she was calm and in good hands. 

Well the results of this photo-shoot is great and very mesmerizing, agree? 

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