Yugoslav Computer Magazines Had Cover Girls Just Like Car Magazines

Because you sell and market computers just like cars

Yugoslavia – You probably came upon something related to Yugoslavia during your internet surfing sessions and undoubtedly you have seen various funny comments on it ranging from South Slavic fighting to praising how good the ex state was. This is why we gathered some of the cringiest Yugoslav vintage computer magazines that date from 1980’s that will show you how one socialist state actually had a developed marketing just as western world, thought cover girls.

During 80’s those fancy computers were sold like sport cars today, with sexy pin-up women. This is why Yugoslav magazine “Racunari” (translated: computers) took the route of mixing Yugoslav models and newest PC gadgets and computers. More info: Flashbak (h/t: designyoutrust)


Računari - September 1986

Računari – September 1986

Računari -May 1991

Računari -May 1991

To give you a sense of the world going on outside – Slovenia and Croatia declare their independence one month after this issue was released.  Following that, Croatia is embroiled in serious fighting among its Serbian and Croation populations.

Računari -July 1987

Računari -July 1987

Računari - June 1994

Računari – June 1994

Računari - January 1988

Računari – January 1988

Računari - January 1994

Računari – January 1994

Računari - January 1986

Računari – January 1986

Računari - May 1992

Računari – May 1992

The following month, Bosnia and Herzegovina is recognized as an independent county.  It’s fascinating that, as geopolitical conflicts are waged, this humble computer magazine with its sexy cover models, pressed onward as if everything were “normal”.  But that’s how it is – amid bloody conflicts, life goes on.

I wonder if Slobodan Milošević took time to enjoy the cover babes of Računari.

Računari - December 1987

Računari – December 1987

Računari - April 1988

Računari – April 1988

Računari - July 1992

Računari – July 1992

Računari - March 1993

Računari – March 1993

Is it just me, or does this look like a hostage situation.  We’ve got a  panicked woman in bondage held in a bare room clearly against her will.  Should we alert the authorities?

But it’s not the only one to feature this theme.  The next issue features a much happier girl…  But, again, she’s in bondage, in a bare room with computer parts on the floor.


Računari - November 1993

Računari – November 1993

Računari - January 1989

Računari – January 1989

Računari - September 1987

Računari – September 1987

Računari - October 1990

Računari – October 1990

Računari - February 1994

Računari – February 1994

Računari - October 1988

Računari – October 1988

Računari - May 1993

Računari – May 1993

Računari - March 1988

Računari – March 1988

Računari - December 1991

Računari – December 1991

Računari - September 1992

Računari – September 1992

Računari - August 1988

Računari – August 1988

Računari - July 1989

Računari – July 1989

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what this is about?  I’m thinking the tubing wrapped around her head is supposed to be a hardwire connection from brain to PC… but I could be wrong.

Računari - February 1992

Računari – February 1992

Računari - May 1988

Računari – May 1988

Računari - September 1988

Računari – September 1988

Just a girl and her joystick.

Računari - October 1994

Računari – October 1994

Računari - January 1992

Računari – January 1992

Računari-July 1988

Računari-July 1988

What do you think?

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