Yuri the Hermit has nothing and still he is happy

Hello there, this is Yuri. He lives in a tipi in the woods near Moscow, but he is a hermit. He also has a dugout where he probably spends his time in winter, no one knows why. He has lived there for a few years already. He was a lawyer before living here, so it’s an educated young man. His tipi is easily seen from the Yaroslavl highway, so he is not deep in the woods. You can learn how this uniqe man lives here by reading on further. via(source)

When you approach this sign reads “An Intercom. Please let me know you are approaching so as to avoid misconceptions”.

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“Do not walk on grass” reads the sign. This tipi is his third dwelling here. The first two from when he first moved here haven’t survived the harsh weather.


This dugout is his main place of habitation. You can see a loudspeaker on the roof of the hobbit-style dwelling – this is motion activated and the audiobook starts playing when a visitor approaches.

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Besides Yuri, the dugout is also occupied by this cute little white rabbit.

img_7465 img_7475 img_7477 img_7524 img_7526 img_7534

You seen all that? Yeah, Yuri is a happy man! Are you?

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