Zagreb won the title of ‘Best European Destination’ this winter and this is why

Because apparently fairy-tales really do exist

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Zagreb, Croatia – This year Zagreb has won the title of a ‘Best European Destination’ in category of Christmas destinations and winter holiday. It did take years that local authorities master the art of Christmas decoration and get the capital noticed on a world-wide stage. However it seems they are doing a hell of a job for winning this title for a second year in a row beating even mainstream Christmas winter locations like Prague, Vienna, Colmar, Manchester and alike.

Zagreb as a city is a beautiful mini-version of central-European cities like Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Bratislava but with its own Croatian twist as far as culture and tradition goes. Most people that visit it would call it a safe and warm city with a soul and believe us it really is so judging by the photos of Croatian citizens, who are enjoying the city center as if they are visiting it for the first time (that’s how great it is). Let us take a look:

Ice skating in heart of the city

The Ice Park is probably the most magical area in the city as it is hidden under thousands of tiny Christmas light bulbs, but even if snow has not fallen yet it still looks white and sparky as you would expect it to be. So if Ice-skating is your thing you will enjoy this fun spot at park ‘Tomislavac’.

Stands delivering awesome food across the city

In addition to the fascinating atmosphere in Zagreb this year, actual real Santa Claus will visit it straight from Finland, even his sleights are already waiting for him there. Whole city traffic is a bit rerouted to make more room for enjoyable walks…and for Santa Claus riding his sleights across the city core.

Delicious food and drinks on every corner

Now as far as food goes, there is no lack of it to be honest. It is actually on each corner throughout the city from famous park ‘Zrinjevac’ to central square of ‘Ban Jelačić’ there is a lot of pricey restaurants that will offer you great local meals to little stands in the open offering you home-made crafted beer, mulled wine and delicious fast food.

Dream-like atmosphere

If you planned for a romantic winter vacation, well this is probably a good choice this year that will not leave you unfulfilled. Chariot rides, fairy-like trees, tons of food, beer, wine and thousands of happy people will make it worth it.

Awesome lookouts across the decorated city

If by any chance you are more of a lone-wolf type of person, there are plenty of beautiful lookout locations that will give you a magical view over the city. One of those lookouts will be found at ‘Strossmayer Promenade’ that is also rich in food, fun happenings and awe dropping view on the city.

Frozen ‘Grički’ tunnel under the old city

Now what kind of Christmas would that be if there was no adventure involved? This is why they froze the whole ‘Grič tunnel’ in the upper old city, it is actually an old ww2-era evacuation tunnel, however now it serves as a great ice-frozen tunnel you will love.

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