Croats developed a new game! Meet “flappy” glagoljica!

Forget about flappy bird! It s time for Leteća glagoljica!

Source: youtube / HBruna

Croatia – A new online game was just launched, it is called Leteća glagoljica (in English: Flaying or flappy glagolitic). The game is educational and can serve as a fun tool for learning the Glagolitic alphabet. The first known Slavic alphabet was preserved only by the Croats, who used it from the 12th to the 20th century, mostly in liturgy.

The game was developed by a computer science student and archival Josip Mihaljević. The platform of the game is based and inspired by Flappy bird so the method of playing is the same. Before you start, you enter the words that are forming the snake of letters. For example, this is a nice opportunity to learn how your name is spelled in glagolitic letters. The main goal of the game is not letting the first letter of the snake hit the pipes. The game gradually accelerates and by losing letters you are also losing lives.

You can download it to your computer or play online here: jezicneigre

Time for educational gaming!

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