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    History of the Lottery in Poland

    Every country tends to have a long and colorful history with their own lottery. Lotteries of different kinds and extends have existed since before the ancient Romans, and have taken many different forms, some of which are instantly recognizable today, such as Spain’s El Gordo or the UK’s National Lottery. Poland has its own interesting […] More

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    Top 3 Russian Military Operations in WW2

    While many of us are familiar with decisive battles of World War 2, operations these battles have consisted of remain in the historical background. Ironically, it is often the fragmented nature of battles and separation of its parts which made them so successful in the first place. One of the most, if not the most […] More

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    Creepy Tourism: The Scariest Tourist Destinations In Slavic Countries

    Slavic countries have a lot of places that will amaze you, scare you and leave you wondering. Some places are architectural masterpieces, and some will send shivers down the spine! 1. Abandoned Soviet Circus, Moldova Some ruins were left after the Communists left their mark in Moldova. This circus is named Chisinau and it was […] More

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    6 Interesting Events And Festivals To Attend In Macedonia

    Macedonia is where many unique events and festivals happen. It might sound strange, but below you’ll see what fun and unique things we organized so far. Everything from cultural events to traditional ones – there is something for everyone. 1. Taksirat Definitely just a plain regular festival. This show event has numerous artists every time […] More

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    Karymsky – The Most Active Volcano On The Kamchatka Peninsula Just Erupted

    Karymsky (1468) is the most active volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula. Video – with a hat off to the pilot. Karymsky is a symmetrical stratovolcano rising within a 5-km-wide caldera that formed during the early Holocene. Much of the cone is mantled by lava flows less than 200 years old. Historical eruptions have been vulcanian or vulcanian-strombolian with moderate explosive activity and occasional lava flows from the […] More

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    Highest Recorded Temperature By Slavic Country On Map Of Europe

    We are all used to stereotypes how Russia is an eternal kingdom-cold, but here’s the twist, it’s one of the hottest Slavic countries together with some traditionally hot (tempered) South Slavs. The highest officially recorded temperature in the world is 56.7 °C (134.1 °F), which occurred on 10 July 1913 in Furnace Creek, California, USA. Other continents […] More

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    Polish Brewery Makes World’s First Vagina Beer From Bacteria Of Two Hot Polish Models

    Hey there, are you an avid beer lover? You pride yourself knowing all types of beer, acting all schoolar when you start talking about it? Turns out there is a new kind of beer that emereged in Poland and we’re not so sure how your prettier half will feel about drinking and testing this one. […] More

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    Popular Serbian Desserts You Should Try

    The most popular Serbian desserts are easy and simple to prepare. Fruits, homemade jam, walnuts, eggs, and sometimes chocolate. Enough reasons to keep reading. 1.Vanilice (Serbian Vanilla Cookies) Soft jam filling, nutty sweetness, bite-size… Yeah, all of these, and much more, are Serbian Vanilla Cookies. Seriously addicting, those cookies are mostly served around the Christmas […] More

  • Photo: Amos Chapple | RFE/RL

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    Photographer Travels To Russia And Bumps Up Into Real Life Rasputin

    POKROVSKOYE, Russia – “Rasputin? Sure, just a few doors down. He’s in the house with the smoking chimney.” It had been the shakiest of leads, but the women in the little grocery store in Pokrovskoye village had no hesitation when Photographer Amos asked after a relative of Siberia’s most notorious peasant. It was here that […] More

  • Photo: Darmon Richter / The Bohemian Blog

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    When Soviet Socialist Modernism Meets Liberal Capitalism In Belarus

    It was the stuff of utopia: a clean white city of blocks and towers and domes. Stars and flags decorate extraordinary works of Socialist Modernist architecture. Monuments to the soldiers who fought for it stand beside murals of the cosmonauts who would carry its legacy into the stars; the perfected Soviet city. Photographer Darmon Richter visited […] More

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    Vila Rebar: Exploring The Secret Tunnels Of A Croatian WW2 Fascist Dictator

    Few months ago an American photographer Darmon Richter based in the Balkans visited the Croatian capital of Zagreb, where he joined the locals on another adventure. It was just he early April sun, still both cold and warm, when they decided to climb towards turrets of Medvedgrad. The semi-ruined 13th century fortress perches like a […] More

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