25 photos of Slavic girls showing off their stretching thanks to ballet and sports

Sports are good for your body and for the whole internet community as well

Russian ballerina Volochkova in her numerous interviews always notes that the she wanted to become a ballerina at the age of five, when her mother first took her to the Mariinsky Theater for the ballet show “The Nutcracker”. After school, the young dreamer entered the Russian Ballet Academy. If a ballerina has spent a lot of time and energy on her cultivation, it’s hard to imagine how much her energy costs are sacrificed to these girls in the name of training. In our humble opinion, in terms of stretching, they managed to surpass the very physics laws. They are worthy of admiration, despite the fact that some of them do not dance in the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi Theater.

Send a photo, even if you are new to this business, but you are engaged and proud of your successes. Perhaps we will publish it in the next article.

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