Alexander Petrosyan and His Excellent Street Photography

Numerous award and festival winner, photographer Alexander Petrosyan, is by now one of the most well known contemporary photography master in Russia. His images are not just images, they are stories enhanced by bright, strange and at times scary realist images that will often attract our eyes, even the ones that aren’t all that in photography. He has been doing so well lately that his work has been featured in multitude of magazines, media outlets and publications such as Nat Geo, Russian reporter, Newsweek and some others. Also it would be weird if he wasn’t himself in staff of some such groups, so he indeed is a staff photographer for Kommersant and on our luck we get to see other real sides of life in Russia. Those things we don’t see in our news, those little things that make life what it is. So make sure you enjoy these! [divider]

Petrosyan1 The old man draws on asphalt in the center St.Petersburg Russia Petrosyan3 Street life in St.Petersburg Russia Petrosyan5 Celebration of Victory Day 2013 in St.Petersburg Russia Petrosyan7 Opening of the bridge in the center of St.Petersburg Russia Road repair in Russia Petrosyan12 Street life in St.Petersburg Russia Bathing in the river Neva in St.Petersburg Russia Petrosyan16 Petrosyan17 Petrosyan19 Petrosyan20 Petrosyan21 Petrosyan22 The work of police in St.Petersburg Russia Petrosyan25 Halloween in metro in St.Petersburg Russia Petrosyan27 Petrosyan28 Petrosyan30 Petrosyan31 Petrosyan32 Petrosyan33 A conversation between two "Peter the First" in St.Petersburg Russia Petrosyan37 Petrosyan38 Petrosyan40 Political meeting of people in St.Petersburg Russia Petrosyan42 Petrosyan48 Petrosyan49 Petrosyan51 Petrosyan52 Petrosyan54 Near Cable Bridge St.Petersburg Russia

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