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American MMA Fighter Jeff Monson Took A Shift From Wrestling To Being a Deputy Of City Of Krasnogorsk

Jeff Monson went through a significant transition from being an American MMA fighter and winner of prestigious world wrestling championships to becoming active in local life of city of Krasnogorsk, becoming a deputy of the Krasnogorsk Duma (local council) in the Moscow region.

In this film the fighter turned a deputy explains his motivation to become a Russian citizen and make a professional political career here, as well as the challenges he faces as a Krasnogorsk deputy. Monson recalls the most important times of his life that had lead him to anarcho-communism and a fascination with Russia long before he first visited the country explains for RBTH.

He also shares intimate moments of his life in Russia – the story of meeting his wife and the exaltation he had when his daughter was born 5 months ago in Krasnogorsk. Jeff also shares the heartbreaking story of his mother’s passing due to cancer.

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