Belorussian Barbie has become Muay Thai Champion

There is a new female worldwide Muay Thai champion these days, a Belarus “Barbie” by the name Ekaterina as reported by Belorussian Onliner. She successfully has broken the mainstream perspective that a fighting women has to be rugged and man-like, because she looks like a famine Barbie girl as said by many others. So this news will probably encourage a lot of women to try themselves in such sports, because obviously Slavic women can do a lot of things including fighting (those Scyntho-Sarmatian Amazon genes). Ekaterina has a lot of things going on in her life, so besides being a Thai champion she also has finished collage and even works in travel agency and attends photographing classes so she obviously is unstoppable. Let’s see this force of nature:

Among other things Yekaterina (Ekaterina) is happily married, for over two years now!

She and her friend who was also Thai boxing champion train hard-core and after as soon pregnancy is finished they return in matter of weeks on their training. If that is not Amazon like, we have no clue what is!

Yaketerina with her Alpha attitude expressed that she is worried about men in today worlds where they are more and more losing their manhood spirit and becoming feminized. It is depressing fact to her she said.

So this story is obviouslly a message of it’s own kind for both men and women, stand up and fight! World will eat you if you let it!

Thanks again for Onliner!

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