Bulgarian Cow ‘Penka’ Illegally Crossed The Border With Serbia, Brussels Wants Her Executed And She Needs Your Help

Little Cow on a adventure of her life threatened by EU bureaucrats…


After hundred thousands of migrants illegally crossing the border into EU, one migrant has become a casualty of Brussels laws. Cow Penka will have to be killed as instructed from Brussels, because she “crossed the border of the European Union from Bulgaria illegally and entered Serbia, which is why she is considered a security threat”. Please note that life hasn’t been easy on cow Penka, she didn’t migrate out of the blue, but in fact “she left her farm in the Bulgarian village of Kopilovci by running away from wolves” ~ said her owner, Ivan Haralmpiev. Wandering through pastures and fields it has reached Serbia reports Bulgarian Dariknews.

Two weeks later, owner Ivan Haralampi was contacted by a man from Serbia and rejoiced that his cow was found. However his happiness didn’t last for long, the animal was brought back to Bulgaria, where it was examined by a veterinarian, and then the EU Brussels bureaucracy stepped in.
Bulgarian authorities informed Haralampi that the cow will have to be executed because of the “rigorous” European Union rules on “security protection”.

Problem was, the poor cow didn’t have the proper documentation for crossing the border between Serbia and Bulgaria.

It has crossed the borders of the EU and can not be in that territory again. According to the officials’ orders, the veterinarian will soon come and sleep her ~ said desperate owner Ivan.

Despite the confirmation of Serbian border guards that everything is fine and that Penka can easily return to Bulgaria, the authorities of that country will still have to comply with the EU rules.

That’s not our decision. We have to meet the standards coming from Brussels ~ veterinary officer Ljubomir Ljubomirov said.

According to the rules of the European Commission for the transport of cattle across the border, cows such as Penka should be legally presented at the border, or have documentation that confirms that they are healthy.

An authorized veterinarian in a non-EU territory must sign a certificate to confirm that the animal meets all the required conditions. petition calling on the EU to make an exception for Penka has collected more than few dozen thousands signatures to help her out.

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