Bulgarian Vigilante Bought A Russian ‘Mi-24’ Helicopter To Protect The Borders From Migrants

Bulgarian government supported his border patrol activities

Photo: Dinko Valev / Facebook

Bulgarian ‘migrant hunter’ Dinko Valev praised these days to the local media that he bought a helicopter with weapons so he could discover ‘potential jihadists’ after Bulgarian authorities gave him a permission to do so. British The Daily Mail writes that Dinko Valev became famous last year for ‘hunting migrants’ in Bulgaria and it is these days he acquired a Russian-made helicopter Mi-24 to patrol the borders from the air and seek for ‘potential jihadis’, as he calls all migrants.

This migrants hunter, whose head has a $ 50,000 bounty by The Islamic State, became known last year when he began to publish video footage that shows how he performs persecution of migrants who arrive to Bulgaria from Turkey .

“This I would describe as a regular sports activity. Athletes can not be characterized as bullies’, stood in his own defense Valev.

Bulgarian wrestler became even better known when he gave the Bulgarian government support and began to help him, according to the British newspaper, adding that it is still not clear whether the machine gun and a mechanism for firing rockets at the front of the helicopter actually in operation or serve only to intimidate.

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