Cute Quintuplets from Ukraine became real internet stars from the moment of birth

When one, two or three isn’t enough and you get five

Ukraine – This summer was truly magical for one family in Odessa. The 37 year old Oksana Kobletskaya ended up in regional perinatal center expecting to become a mother of two, but on end she became a mother of five little Ukrainians. Where did all these little boys and girls fit in we don’t know, but they came out by cesarean section two and half months early. Lucky for them and their parents all of the quintuplets are healthy and wen’t home after two and half months in the hospital.

Such rare thing doesn’t get ignored so photographers flocked this happening to witness “Denis, Vlad, David, Sasha and Dasha”. As you can see the whole photo-shoot by Julia Guseva turned out to be magical and a real hit on Instagram.

In their 2 months of age it was very easy to work with them because they were all sleeping all the time. So this is a nice story of love and friendship which began now with this photo-shoot.

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What do you think?

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