Ellen Sheidlin – The Russian Instagram Princess Is Followed By Millions

Her provocative photography is followed by millions of people

Photo: Ellen Sheidlin / Instagram

Russia – We’ve got another Russian model and artist that is followed by millions, to be more precise by over 1.5 million people. How stunning is that? Well reason behind that is her provocative photography, artistic tone to it and interesting looks. Most think she has doll-like otherworldly looks that with some help of Photoshop make her photos look pretty much like scenes from some famous cartoons, fairy tales and alike. For her Life is a game and she is able to create the charming world of beauty and strength incorporated with magic actions and fantastic characters. She is a model with a flight of fancy, she can project an image and transform beyond recognition into it.”

We love her daily dose of cute, often very strange, utterly unique pics. They’re a treat like a piece of candy. You get a sugar rush and you want more! More info: Ellen Sheidlin h/t: designyoutrust

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