Here is short info in english: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sv%C3%AD%C4%8Dkov%C3%A1

It's super delicious:-) but not easy to cook. I will try translate recipe later, if I will have time. But I'm afraid that it's impossible to cook knedlíky (czech dumplings) good, if have no previous experience with it.


Thx for links. Ill give it a try. :D On pictures it looks kidna similar to vepro a knedlo. Btw vepro a knedlo reminds me of the way here we prepare game meat. Altho here at least in my area we usually use deer meat. Likewise we prepare similar looking sauce called hunters sauce and bread dumplings. One of my favorite dishes. :D

Ni tak dobr ko zgleda, na žalost … ;)

Ja bomo vidl a ne! :D Tov more bit tkov kokr žganci. J'nim so vredu drugim pa ne. :)