Sounds like a plausible possibility as to why I can't find information by these names if they were later consumed by L'viv. 

About the family bit, oh yeah.. Know all that.  I have that entire document.  The gentleman who put that together, his daughter married into our family thru my grandfather's brother's son.  That's confusing. I've never met any of them. They probably don't even know I exist.  Stan should, as I've tried to write him a letter, wanted to get to know him and anything he might know.  He never wrote back and I even provided email addresses.  That's how my family is. No one talks to each other really, and if they do – you NEVER ask about our heritage. I've been shunned for it already. The family lore bit is actually true.  Kazimir (aka "John") did go back to the Old Country and marry Anna.  My dad remembers Anna, called her grandmother but biologically she wasn't. It's all crazy. Definitely doesn't make it easy either.

The Polish bit is part of the reason many people have mentioned that I should be looking in today's Poland not today's Ukraine. I can find many Lysakows/Lysakaws in Poland. Was suggested of a few options in Ukraine.  But still nothing solid that I'm aware of.  Kind of lost as how I should go about figuring it out since my own family isn't any help.

Slavic lands are like Wild West. ;D The thing is area of Western Ukraine was full of Polish colonists during era of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Also many people were Polonised Ukrainians, etc. So looking in area of Lviv is right thing to do. Basically West Ukraine and East Poland were very multi ethnic. Nobility wanted to make as efficient use of land as possible so areas poorly populated were populated by people from other parts regardless of ethnicy. For more; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poles_in_Ukraine


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