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Are you saying Slovaks were ‘unnamed’ and generic Slavs? Most other Slavs took some kind of unique name for themselves as tribes and later as nations.  I guess the same would be true for Slovenes. Since these nations didn’t have a particular name they merely accepted the Slav name when they nationalized.  Obviously Slovaks and Slovenes have deep histories that are far more complex than just a name. I just find it kind of interesting. 

You guys were part of Samo’s Empire . Is it fair to say that Empire was an early Slovak one? You guys founded the principality of Nitra  and then came Great Moravia. Was Great Moravia a proto-Slovak land? Do Moravians today consider themselves Czechs, Slovaks, or their own unique thing? 

What if the presence of Hungary caused the early ancestors of the Slovaks to coalesce into a Slovak nation north of Hungary , to resist Hungarianization? 

This interests me because my fiancee is half Slovak and half Bohemian (Czech). 


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