Since neither @Sviatogor, nor @srdceleva have restarted the genetics thread yet, I’ll post my question in the off-topic for now:
Can any of you guys translate this part about Bulgarian autosomal genetics for me (into plain English, that is)? Particularly that second-to-last paragraph (in the autosomal section) about Hallenthal et al’s study and the admixture event at around AD500-950 – does that “more than 40%” of Belarusian-like, Lithuanian-like and Polish-like admixture infer that we are more than 40% genetically Slavic (and 50%+ Cypriot- and Greek-like, i.e. Paleo-Balkan and Thracian)? Or it doesn’t really say anything about the extent of our genetical Slavicness?

Genetic studies on Bulgarians – Wikipedia

Genetic admixture analyses based on data of several [how many?] individuals of modern populations, estimate that the genes of the Bulgarians have two sources and a main admixture event between 1000 and 1600 YBP. The genes that are provisionally or indicatively to be associated with the Balto-Slavic donor group constitute about 40-45% of the total, i.e.


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