Olga Kysil

@glk When I was at the Orthodox Church for the funeral on Wednesday, I saw flyers for the Macedonian Patriotic Organization’s convention. It will be held August 31-September 3, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio.


I also saw copies of the Macedonian Tribune newspaper.

The Macedonian Tribune is the oldest Macedonian newspaper in the world published continuously since February 10, 1927. Over the entire course of its existence the Macedonian Tribune has served as a valuable news and reference source on Macedonia, the Macedonian People and Macedonian issues for many governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations in the United States, Canada and throughout the world. Additionally, the Macedonian Tribune provides a vehicle for Macedonian-Americans and Macedonian-Canadians throughout North America to learn more about each other and the achievements, accomplishments, and milestones of Macedonians in the United States and Canada.

The value of the Macedonian Tribune comes from its establishment and publication in the United States thereby allowing Macedonians the ability to voice their opinions on Macedonian issues without fear of any reprisal by the oppressive regimes that ruled and in some cases still rule parts of Macedonia. This inherent value is demonstrated by the fact that the Macedonian Tribune has the distinct honor of being the only Macedonian newspaper to have been banned at the same time in Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Greece for most of the 20th Century.

The Macedonian Tribune has always been a newspaper of unquestionable integrity, supported exclusively by subscriptions and the donations of time, funds, and effort by countless numbers of Macedonian-Americans and Macedonian-Canadians and published by an all-volunteer editorial staff.


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