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    QUIZ: Find A Western Spy Among Slavs

    Privyet comrade. You are on a special task today, with Slavic culture being more and more popular each day we have encountered a major problem. Massive amount of Western spies are trying to infiltrate our ranks, we obviously do need to trace them all or eventually we might meet a grim end.

    Read the full story here

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    8/8 full slav mode on. (cheating admin huehuehue)



    6/8. Had no idea spies wore nike, and I figured the dude without a beer must be the spy in the 1st one. (He’s pretty suspicious looking, are you sure there’s only 1 spy in that picture?)



    I would say there are some errors, but nice quiz. :D



    Your last question is wrong: “blyat cyka” is also correct order.



    @vikkiry nope, you obviously never played counter-strike. Spy on forum detected. 



    @Kat , I never played counter-strike, but I am Russian and “blyat cyka” is also corret order.



    @vikkiry nope, it isn’t. Next thing you’ll claim is that there’s such a thing as non-squatting, non-tracksuit wearing Slavs, just because you can see some out your window right now or whatever. Shame on you, really. You are fake news.



    8/8 here as well, without being an admin. Bah, I spend too much time on these internetz, I must be an Amerikanski spion myself (not to mention I have Nike in my name).



    this is a sick post…



    Dang, I wear a lot of Slazenger lately. I feel so Western spy.



    @aaaaa it is. In Russian language you can place words in different ways. 
    You can say: 
    I know Jim
    I Jim know
    Jim I know
    Jim know I
    Know I Jim
    Know Jim I
    All these ways are correct. And two orders “blyat cyka” and “cyka blyat” are both correct too. You can hear two ways in life.
    I really can´t understand how you dare to argue if you don´t know Russian.
    Ask any Russian and he will tell you as I say.



    You can’t fool us, @vikkiry. Who are you working for? Mossad? MI6?

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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