Girl from Iceland describes her visit to a Russian hospital as a Nightmare

Foreigner in Russian hell … she said

Russia – Hanna Rún Bazev Óladóttir is dance and ballet champion from Iceland and these days she wrote a blog post titled “Nightmare in reality” in which she has described her experience in a Russian Hospital during her stay in town Penza. Soon after the post was live, it became viral on the internet and ended up on the front page of Iceland’s news portals such as

Just to make things clear this post of hers wasn’t just some sort of “western” bashing of Russia, she is married to her Russian dance partner Nikita Bazevym, so this was her personal rant and as you will see a pretty scary experience. They had a short vacation in city Penza (where her husband Nikita is from) which is located south-east of Moscow, by it’s size it’s one of the smaller provincial towns in Russian federation.

Hanna Rún Bazev Óladóttir

During her stay there one day she woke up early with heartburn and severe chest pain. At first she was hesitating to go to hospital right, but after the pain started to get more serious she gave in and they were headed to the local Penza hospital –  she explained on her blog

“When we arrived at the hospital, the nightmare just started” ~ she recalls


She said that the first thing she remembers was nurses dressed as in typical horror movies, they placed her in a half-dark room on a hard wooden bench. Out of nowhere they pulled off her underwear and gave her an injection in her buttocks, without any prior warning.


“I had no time to recover, we ended up in their ambulance, because I decided to move to another hospital. Inside it I was placed on a hard metal bed without belts so i kept falling off during the trip. “

Admission to another hospital where Hannah got transferred started with noise and swearing. Nikita and his parents were not allowed to accompany Hannah.

“One nurse yelled at everyone who passed by, screaming at the other nurses and they answered in the same way. I was shocked by how the hospital staff talked to each other.”

Hannah was put into a wheelchair and taken somewhere along the corridors of the hospital. She had no idea where or why she was being taken away. As long as Hannah drove through the maze of this hospital, she realized that she needs to use the toilet, and she asked the nurse to get her there.


“When I found myself at the hospitals toilet, I was speechless. The floor was filled with urine, all around was used pieces of toilet paper, toilet seat hanging on some pipe along the wall. Everything was splattered with urine and feces.”


“I pulled the sweater on my nose and tried not to breathe, so I would not throw up. The sink was covered with blood, so washing your hands after using this toilet was a bad dream.”

After that Hannah had to get an ultrasound and after some more inspections Doctors insisted that Nikita and his mother should go home because Hannah had to stay in hospital for other diagnostics.


“They placed me in a room which gave me an impressions as if i’m stationed in a gas station. I sat on the bed, but I was disgusted. My pillow was covered with yellow spots, and it stank.”


After a while there was an argument between the nurse and Nikita’s mother. They wanted to give Hannah a strong anesthetic and they prepared her for surgery …

“I started to panic. What, are they going to kill me?!! I wanted to run aimlessly!”

Hannah phoned her husband, who helped with the translation. Hannah’s fears were confirmed:

“The doctors decided to operate me, just to make sure that the internal organs are in order. My husband was furious and he told to doctors that any surgery is out of the question.”

After a heated discussion they decided to send Hannah only to gastroscopy, and luckly for her later they decided not to preform a surgery on her.

“No one responded to my request, I was again seated in the chair and took the long ride across the hospital corridors, reminiscent of a horror movie.”.


Hannah already had the experience of a visit to a Gastroenterologist. In Iceland, before such procedures they would get analgesic, and the tube that is inserted into the esophagus is thin as a string. In Russia, however, use something like a hose.

“The doctor began to shove down my throat with this hose. I started retching. It was hard to breathe, and I felt that I was suffocating. I struggled to calm down and think about something pleasant. I found it very hard to breathe. It seemed that the doctor will never pull that tube out of me. I could feel it pressing on my stomach wall. I looked at my husbands mother, she cried helplessly. “

Later Hannah was told that she will spend three more days in the hospital, and all this time she will need to be hungry.


“I was going crazy I wanted to quickly get out of there I asked Nikita to pick me up”


The hospital corridor was a constant mess where doctors and nurses swore and yelled on each other all the time while occasionally you could hear patients screaming in pain.


“On the way out we saw some dirty-dressed people who were lying and sitting on the floor in the hallway of the hospital, they watched as we go. It was evident that they are very bad.”

When Hannah was finally released from a hospital after being certain it was just a regular heartburn attack, but when she came home she took off her clothes and showered for hours.

After returning home I still had several panic attacks and anxiety. I still thought that this terrible doctor will come after me and drag me back to that hospital. “


After some time Hannah felt better and her illness got stable too, but haunting memories of this unexpected hospital adventure will take long time before she would forget them.

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