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Haplogroup I: Reason Why Southern Slavs Are Taller Than West and East Slavs?

To clear you up a bit on your genetic background and how you came to be

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Human height is know to be a result of multiple factors, be it from the genes that we inherit, to the food we eat and even what kind of environment we live in. But it was no joke when your ‘Baba’ used to tell you to drink that milk and eat enough so you could grow big. There is some truth in your Baba’s words, but some things are out of your power to influence them because you inherited them. We like to call them ‘genes’, but in this case even more precise it is Haplogroup I2.

A haplotype is a group of genes in an organism that are inherited together from a single parent,[1][2] and a haplogroup (haploid from the Greek: ἁπλούςhaploûs, “onefold, simple” and English: group) is a group of similar haplotypes that share a common ancestor with a single-nucleotide polymorphism mutation.[3][4] More specifically, a haplogroup is a combination of alleles at different chromosomes regions that are closely linked and that tend to be inherited together. As a haplogroup consists of similar haplotypes, it is usually possible to predict a haplogroup from haplotypes. Haplogroups pertain to a single line of descent, usually dating back thousands of years.[5]As such, membership of a haplogroup, by any individual, relies on a relatively small proportion of the genetic material possessed by that individual. ~ states Wikipedia article

Haplogroup R1a subclade – “Slavic genes” distribution across Europe:

Haplogroup R1a / Photo:

Among Slavs two type of Haplogroups are predominant, the Haplogroup R1a which is also dubbed as “Slavic haplogroup” or the genetic code of the Indo-European Slavic (also Sarmatian Indo-Iranian) tribes that brought us the Slavic languages, culture and our present day heritage while Scytho-Sarmatian (indo-Iranian) R1a subclade of tribes who ruled the Slavs for one period brought us the tribal names like Croats/Serbs and their military horse-riding skills. In Poland as a effect of Sarmat rule over Slavs a medieval movement “Sarmatism” was born believing the Slavic aristocracy or their “tribal leaders” have Sarmatian (Iranian) ancestry.

Haplogroup I “native European” genes across Europe

Haplogroup I / Photo:

Main strain of Haplogroup I (parent of our I2 subclade) can also be found in northern Europe among present day Germanic people which is also a strain of earlier European settlers which were merged into the incoming Indo-European Germanic tribes that carried the R1b haplogroup.

On the southern (Slavic) side stands Haplogroup I2 subclade which are the genes of the European ‘native’ people that were already present in Europe, usually dubbed as “Illyrian haplogroup” but later merged into incoming Slavic R1a tribes (Croats, Serbs and other minor Slavic tribes).

Parent R1 haplogroup (R1a and R1b) – the Indo European settlers (before dubbed as Indo-Aryans)

R1 haplogroup / Photo:

It is evident the R1a (Balto-Slavic) and R1b (Celto-Germanic) tribes were culturally and military much more dominant and they successfully have spread their influence across Europe while the older European natives, members of Haplogroup I were left only to merge into the incoming dominant cultures of Indo-European settlers.

Average height of European Nations:

  1. Netherlands – 1.838m
  2. Montenegro – 1.832m
  3. Denmark – 1.826m
  4. Norway – 1.824m
  5. Serbia – 1.82m
  6. Germany – 1.81m
  7. Croatia – 1.805m
  8. Czech Republic – 1.8031m
  9. Slovenia – 1.803m
  10. Luxembourg – 1.799m

Info source

However members of Haplogroup I did leave one thing for us all today to inherit, it is their partial genes. Today some think that exactly these genes are the ones that are most to be thanked for the average height of some Slavic nations (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia) and Germanic nations (Netherlands, German, Norway. Sweden, Austria).

The haplogroup reaches its maximum frequency in the Balkans (with the highest concentration in present-day Herzegovina). It may be associated with unusually tall males, since those in the Dinaric Alps have been reported to be the tallest in the world ~ source

Average amount of Haplogroup I:

  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina: I haplogroups is 55%
  2. Montenegro: I haplogroups is 37%
  3. Serbia: I haplogroups is 42.5%
  4. Netherlands: I haplogroups is 24%
  5. Sweden: I haplogroups is 42%
  6. Lithuania: I haplogroups is 13%
  7. Austria: I haplogroups is 21.5%
  8. Finland: I haplogroups is 28.5%
  9. Croatia: I haplogroups is 43.5%
  10. Denmark: I haplogroups is 39.5%
  11. Slovenia: I haplogroups is 31%
  12. Czechia: I haplogroups is 19%
  13. Norway: I haplogroups is 36%

Info source

Scandinavians and Southern Slavs were always considered taller than average since the men are on record as being the tallest in the world, with a male average height of 185.6 cm (6 ft 1.1 in). All of them are in European mainland and are a mixture of Indo-European R1 and native-European I haplogroup genetic pools.

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