History Of The Unconditional Love of Slavs And Rugs On The Walls

“Symbol of wealth, good taste and excellent at hiding defects”

If you lived anywhere in Eastern or South Eastern Europe during 90’s you would have noticed, Slavs really love carpets. They were the integral decor in anyone’s house, having an Arabian carpet was like having a IKEA furniture today, a must for most. However in Russia they even developed a trend of hanging those carpets on the walls, this became a usual sight during the Soviet Union times.

It is not certain how this trend developed, many guess they were such art pieces people treated them as paintings. In communal apartments these rugs were used also as soundproofing material (thin walls), or even as a mean to hide broken pieces of walls. So it was a thing of both being a symbol of wealth and good taste plus you could hide your wall stains and defects that way!

Some of the “Rugs On Walls” pics on the VK social network:

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