In Russia Everything Is Possible, Even Bears Riding On Motorcycles

He even waves to people, like oh my god

Bear enjoying the ride | Photo: English Russia

If you think “Russia is full of bears” is only a stereotype, well you are wrong believe us. Russia is so full of bears that they actually share some habits with Russian citizens just like this bear that was spotted riding a motorcycle across Arkhangelsk city. Okay it was not him riding, he was just sitting on the side seat and weaving to people around.

This was actually a pretty clever circus advertisement, but so what, the bear is real and he is riding a bike and waving to people who are cheering for him.

His owner says that the bear really enjoys those rides, he can’t wait for a next ride.

Photo: Kristina Polevaya

Many citizens were using their smartphones to film the unusual scene and as you can see it wen’t pretty viral over the web.

Photo: syktyvkar.1istochnik.ru

So be careful when you drive in Russia, you never know when the driver in front car could be a bear …you don’t want to make them angry.