Meet Ekaterina Lisina – The Woman With Longest Legs In The World

She already filed her Guinness Record Book application for longest legs

Seeing Ekaterina Lisina will totally change your perception of what it means to be tall or have long legs. Not that long ago she filled a application for Guinness Record book in the category of longest legs. She claims her legs are 133 cm long (for americans, 54 inch) and her overall height is 205 cm (6’9).

In her life career was pretty obvious, it was basketball, but lately she drifted onto another track which is show-business. She had success as a photo-model and being tallest woman in Russia made this job even easier. But she has a rival which also comes from Russia and the other lady’s legs are just 1 cm shorter. To follow Ekaterina see: Ekaterina Lisina | Facebook | Instagram

Being that tall for a women isn’t too easy, for example its hard to buy appropriate size of cloths. Even just passing thru the regular sized doorways in Russia is not that easy for her.

Dating for Ekaterina is a pretty challenging affair as well, you have to be pretty a pretty tall guy to make it look normal.

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