Meet Iza – Polish Girl Who Tamed A Wild Fox

Curious Fox Strikes Up Unlikely Friendship With Polish Photographer

Foxes are wild animals, in most cases dangerous, aggressive and rabies infected. However this hasn’t stopped young Iza Łysoń from Krakow (Poland) to befriend a small forest fox and makes her its pet. At first glance most internet couch surfers were surprised and stunned seeing her photos because “isn’t that dangerous?”. Instead of fleeing from the camera, the fox named Freya had no problems posing in front of the lens.

Naturally the fox was very aggressive towards people but Roxanne was very patient in taming her. After some time and work, the fox became much friendlier – which can clearly be seen from the photos. Although the images came out amazing, Łysoń said taking photos of a fox is not without challenges. More info: Facebook, 500px

Łysoń explained, its “similar to taking photos of a dog – except you need to be faster”, as foxes are “not in the habit of staying motionless”.

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