Meet Lisa Jelizaveta – Russian seven year old Tattoo artist that will make you a wonderful tattoo

She accepts payments but in kits for her needlework

Photo: Alexey BORISOV /; Ural tattoo convention

Ever wanted a tattoo? But you were so unique you had a seven year old child do it? Well lucky for you there is Lisa from Yakaterinburg that is a real talent for this. All the way up to now she has been training on bananas, however at the latest tattoo convention in Russia she had her first client, her Dad.

Lisa’s is obviously destined to be a tattoo artists as her father is a tattoo artists himself while her mother is an artists. So they both support their daughter’s creativity and this is why they were her first clients. The girl accepts orders and does tattoos only under the strict guidance of her father. Instead of money, she receives kits for needlework.

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