Meet Rossiyana Markovskaya – The Gorgeous Russian Defense Ministry Spokesperson Who Set Internet Ablaze

In service of defending your motherland with your hot looks

© Photo: Facebook page of Rossiyana Markovskaya

What better way to defend your country than with a pretty women making your enemies just getting mesmerized and give up on any malicious effort? This is just what Russia had in mind, this is why Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has appointed a new spokesperson, a 26 year-old former correspondent Rossiyana Markovskaya. She has won Russian hearts with her professional attitude for the federal television channel Zvezda.

Now her life career seems to go further reports Sputnik, she has taken a big step forward as she has been appointed the new official Ministry of Defense spokesperson. Rossiyana, who is unusually named after her homeland, is a tech savvy journalist and has an active Instagram account like many in today’s generation. People rushed to her Instagram and Facebook accounts to check out this young new official and her everyday life. Lo’ and behold they had something to see:

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