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People of Slovakia – how Slavs look like

The Slovaks or also called Slovak people (plural Slováci, singular/plural masculine: Slovák/Slováci, singular/plural feminine: Slovenka/Slovenky) are a group of West Slavic people (closely related to other Slavic populations) and they primary inhabit Slovakia and speak the Slovak language that falls under the Indo-European Slavic branch of languages. Slovaks population is about 5,410,836 today and most of them live within the borders of the independent Slovakia however there are also Slovak minorities in the Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland and also a large population of immigrants and their descendants in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Today we brought you a few pics of how Slovaks look like, maybe you will see a resemblance to other Slavs or maybe you won’t, leave us a comment and say what you think!

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