Polish Artists Create Scenes With Folk Costumes And Immigrants In Context Of Contemporary Multi-Ethnicity

A thought provoking and hot topic in Visegrád Group

Photo: Piotr Sikora & Piotr Bondarczyk

Polish photographer Piotr Sikora decided to collaborate with a Polish artist Piotr Bondarczyk on a project that is trying to depict traditional Polish folk costumes in a context of contemporary multi-ethnicity and all the issues that come on the topic. The project tries to deal with political and ethnic changes that happen in Polish society after being almost completely homogeneous country as a result of the second World War and era of Communism. During communism country was a closed socialist country and there was little touch with other nations and cultures besides the Soviet ones, unlike today when Poles are reaching into the world and opening up as the artist claims.

What they try to show is what Polish culture might have looked like if there was no WW2 and era of communism, or are they trying to show how Polish folk will look like in future. It is obviously an art that will provoke a lot of discussions.

Rana, USA, Kurpie costume  and Maya, Algeria, Nowy Sącz costume

Nutsuko, Japan,  Lublin costume and Thesus, Puerto Rico,  Kraków costume

Folake, Nigeria,  Opoczno costume and Umi, South korea, East  Kraków costume

Leandro, Italy, Nowy Sącz costume and Maya, India, in Kaszuby costume

Jevone, Jamaica,  Highland costume and Miu, Japan,  Łowicz costume

Carmen, Dominican Republic, Lublin costume

Chris, Saint Lucia, Opoczno costume

Christian, Thailand,  Rzeszów costume

Farhana, Bangladesh,  Rzeszów costume

Verneille, Trinidad, Silesia costume

Rich, USA,  Łowicz costume

Peju, Nigeria,  Kraków costume

Jonathan, Mexico, Kaszuby costume

What do you think about this project?

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