Polish mushroom pickers stopped US Tanks from doing a NATO military drill

When Slavs and their food is around, you better put those tanks aside

Photo: EDDIE MCCROSSAN / Wikimedia / Public domain

Poland – A great and quaint surprise was experienced last weekend by US tankers deployed in Poland since January this year at a military base near the town of Zahan (Żagań) in the southwest of Poland. At the last minute, they had to withdraw the long-planned drills on the tankodrome, for they had literally thrown a bunch of Polish mushrooms.

When American Abrams tanks were ready to do their dance and everything was ready for shooting, local and cross-country mushrooms began to penetrate into the military training area. Without the slightest hesitation, local Polish mushroom pickers completely ignored the bilingual Polish and English inscriptions prohibiting the entry of the civilian population into a polygon, as there was danger.

“The Poles in the collection of mushrooms, which are now in abundance also in the forests belonging to the military base at Zaháni, have not prevented the US Army. The army had to retreat before them. ” ~ the Polish daily Fakt said.

“Ignite mushrooms stopped US tanks” was the headline that Gazeta Wyborcza reported. They added that the commanders of the diverging tank maneuvers eventually stopped and recalled the whole military drill. Exercise will take place on a substitute date.

Lesson of the day? You might have fancy tanks, neat technology, but when you stand between Slavs and their usual habits you better stand down boy.

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