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Polish Tourist In Flip-Flops Went Mountaineering On Croatian Mountain Range, Starts a Whole Rescue Mission

At least they didn’t burn the whole mountain this time like in Montenegro…

Photo: GSS (Facebook)

Two Polish tourists who started their Mountaineering from “Podgora – Caklje” were on a path where there is no mountain trail. On the ground eleven mountain rescuers arrived with two terrain vehicles, and after the search they found the injured tourists in the area of ​​Stupica at an altitude of 420 meters reports Dalmacija News.

One of the two tourists, due to the dangerous terrain and fear remained motionless on the steep slope and asked for help to safely climb-down to the road.

After descending and approaching the injured, it is determined that there is no injury other than scratches on revealed parts of the body. The escorts provided him with the help of “team effort” at 12.50 pm on the road, where the friends and owner of the apartment were welcomed by her yesterday.

The action ended at 13.32 hours when rescuers returned to the base.

Although there is a lot of work on preventing and getting to know tourists with dangers in the mountains and wild rural areas, however, due to the large number of visitors to Croatian coast, there are situations that unfortunately in many cases end with the tragic consequences. This is a story with a happy outcome and the third case of rescuing tourists in japan on Biokovo.

Last year it was even more spectacular when lost Polish tourist made fire to signalize his location on hill, and started a huge fire in Montenegro

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