Russian Man Sets Whole Village Ablaze To Make a Photoshoot Illustrate Neglect About Villages

Wanted to Illustrate neglect about villages, now he will get prosecuted


Russian photographer set an abandoned village on fire to illustrate neglect, now his peers want to prosecute him. Apparently village was quite beautiful some 100 years ago.The project “Motherland” is produced in the territory of abandoned villages in Russia, the things and structures found there were dysfunctional and not subject to restoration. Since 1917, the rural population of Russia has declined by more than 80%. The first stage of the destruction of the Russian villages was the collectivization of 1928-1937, aimed at eradicating the historical social structure, as well as forcibly taking property and food from the rural population in favor of the state.

As a result of collectivization, from 7 to 8 million people died from famine and political repression. More than 2 million rural population sent to the labor camps of the Gulag, industrialization of the country takes place. More info: danilatkachenko


The second stage of the reduction of the rural population takes place according to a specially developed plan by the Academy of Construction and Architecture of the USSR (December 1959) on the resettlement of “unpromising villages” to larger urban settlements. It was planned to reduce rural settlements more than 6 times (from 705 thousand to 115 thousand). In “Unpromising villages”, the social and industrial infrastructure was curtailed, transport communication was limited.


However, there was not enough money for improvement and expansion of individual housing construction in the central regions, many villagers displaced from habitual places negatively reacted to the change of residence. In 1979, the number of villages decreased by 60.2% (to 177.1 thousand).


In modern Russia, the decline in the number of villages continues. Over the past 20 years, 23,000 villages have disappeared from the map of Russia. 76% of the population is concentrated in large cities. Agriculture can not compete with large corporations, and the state sitting on the oil needle is not interested in developing it.



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