Russian Photographer Brings Slavic Fairytales To Life As You Never Seen Them Before

She is glad that she had a way to play out her fantasies with the camera.

Russia – Once again Margarita Kareva surpises us with magnificent photography pieces she makes on a constant basis. She has sucesfully turned her hobby, photography, into a real profession and as you will see, it is just amazing. She has merged her love for reading fantasy books and her passion for photography into one surreal realm of Slavic fantasy.  

“I’m glad that I had a way to play out my fantasies with the camera. It is very important for every person to have [his or her means] of expression,” Margarita told Bored Panda.

“My way is to share photos from fairytales–photos with unusual models, animals, and a combination of quaint colors. [Many] of the photos in my portfolio [are] creative (non-commercial) because I think it is very important to do something that you really like” More info: Instagram

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