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Russian woman ends up in prison with a smartphone, gets popular on Social Networks with prison selfies

Selfie game level: Prison break

Smartphones are super important in our time today, they are even essential in woman prisons. Worst thing that can happen to a girl is to end up in prison for a few years without her trusty selfie machine. This is a story that the guys on Russian forum Yaplakal dug out, it’s about a girl Masha who ended up in prison and she uses her smartphone to ask for cigarettes, sweets, tea and she even manages her hidden Vkontakte page from there.

As you can see from her photos girls out there doing normal things – sharing food, getting dressed and make up. The “state-owned” atmosphere, but there are a lot of surprisingly pretty girls around. She is freely making photos of herself in prison, also puts her social network profile watermarked over all photos.

“I am currently in prison, myself to blame, I got into a bad company (I’m looking for someone who can help, for tea, sweets, cigarettes, personal needs!) If someone can help, I can only take my nude pictures in return and send them over… ” ~ she said

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